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India cultivates several varieties of peanuts, including Spanish, Virginia, and Valencia types. Varieties like TMV2, TG37A, GG2, and GG20 are commonly grown for their high yield and disease resistance.

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice from India is renowned worldwide for its distinctive aroma and long, slender grains that cook up fluffy and separate making it a preferred choice for biryanis, pilafs, and other gourmet dishes.


Non Basmati Rice

Non-Basmati rice varieties in India, such as Swarna, Sona Masoori, and IR64, are widely cultivated for their affordability, versatility in cooking, and suitability and unique grain characteristics and culinary uses.

Broken Rice

Broken rice, a byproduct of milling, is widely used in India for preparing various dishes such as khichdi, kheer, and as a thickening agent. It is valued for its affordability and ability to absorb flavors.

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